About Us

RIC-Rack was founded in 1992 as a charity food bank and thrift shop.  The initial effort was spearheaded by Jean Greenway and Helen Taylor along with some members of local churches and the Dawson County Woman's Club.  Located in downtown Dawsonville, the RIC-Rack serves the needs of many county residents.  Known primarily for the sale of donated merchandise in the form of clothing and shoes, RIC-Rack also has a need for furniture and appliances.  As a charity, we depend on the profit from the sale of our donated items to be able to purchase good for our food bank.  Currently we are supplying the needs of about 350 families per month and the number is growing.  There are NO taxpayer dollars involved in this effort.  All monies come from sales or donations.

Our needs

We are always in need of used furniture and appliances as well as clothing items, children's toys and and non-perishable food items. To help control costs and ensure we can help the maximum number of individuals and families, we employ only a limited part-time staff.  The rest of our personnel needs are filled by volunteers and we can always use more!  Donations are potentially tax deductible.
Our Thrift Shop hours are 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Saturday.